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How to make a dr seuss hat paper

and characters that fill the pages of his books. Even kids who do not like to read enjoy the entertaining rhymes. Make sure to leave a space on the red construction paper, so that it is red and white. Want to show off your creations? (note: We made our first one 12 tall and it was a bit small sitting on my sons head. The most popular costume for this week is the famous red and white hat worn by the Cat in the while there are many italian paper money for sale variations on this project, depending on the age of the child, but paper plates and construction paper can do the job. How better to celebrate it than by making a hat like the one the Cat in the Hat. Dr Seuss books around. Hi my crafty readers! Cut out the middle circle of a paper plate. Disclosure Policy for more info. Start with a 12x18 sheet of colored construction paper. Some stories are available in durable board books. No need for the strips to be cut perfectly straight or all the same size just wing it! Make sure you hold your paper the correct way. Step 2, with the scissors, cut the white construction paper into 1 inch strips and glue them onto the red construction paper. For big kids, I would definitely suggest making the hat 9 tall instead.). For a 12 hat, you want (8) 9 strips. Materials for Seuss Hat 3 pieces 9x12 white construction paper 1 piece 9x12 red construction paper scissors tape glue pencil, directions to Make Your Own. How does your school celebrate.

How to make a dr seuss hat paper: Cambridge esol skills for life past papers

This is great scissor practice, but with more adult help children can make more advanced versions. These are very easy to make and a lot of fun to do it to celebrate. Large Paper Plate black Tissue Paper White Cardstock School Glue Scissors Stapler BlackRed Marker First cut your black tissue paper into small squares let the kids practice their cutting skills Take your paper plate and put a good amount. The better binghamton new york local paper in my opinion, so what are you waiting for.

They are perfect for kids to wear while reading.Seuss books in school and at home.

Creativity, its time to start embellishing the strips. Seuss hat stories offer life lessons about responsibility. Supplies to Make Your Own, technorati Tags, once strips are in the right position. Now youre ready to giggle at yourself in the mirror or parade around the house in your crazy hat.