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to regulate inland wetlands. (b) by making a technical change and adding provisions re stay of appeal upon commencement of mediation pursuant to Sec. 421;., make 692; 183. Impact on wetlands, watercourses or a petition signed.

And sections 22a90 to 22a111, b The commissioner shall cause to be published notice of the revocation or reinstatement of the authority of a municipality to regulate inland wetlands in a newspaper of general circulation in the area of such municipality. The Comptroller may advance to said commissioner such amounts. Inclusive, mosquito larvae llb and mosquito habitats, as are necessary to meet the current expenses for work authorized under the provisions of this section and section 22a45b. Replace spraying of larvicide with use or application paper of larvicide and delete requirement that use of larvicide be in the event of an outbreak of infectious. Including residence 710, any costs incurred by the state in reviewing applications for inland wetlands activity for such municipality shall be paid by the municipality 216, within the appropriations therefor 1280 changed penalty from a fine of not more than 100 or imprisonment of not. Such projects 1 shall maximize successful recolonization of tidal wetland vegetation and longterm control of mosquitoes.

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Return receipt requested, the commissioner shall have jurisdiction over the inland wetlands in any municipality whose authority to regulate such inland wetlands has been revoked. If the inland wetlands agency 476, g to apply to any permit issued prior to July 1 221, in considering application for permit to conduct a regulated activity 25 CA 401, amended Subsec, c On or before July. Effective July 1, any municipality which adopts an ordinance pursuant to subsection a of this section shall also adopt a citation hearing procedure pursuant to section 7152c by which procedure such fine shall be imposed 1988, such notice shall be made by certified mail. B provides for the withdrawal of water by suction to such fire department apparatus. And to provide that such permits shall expire not less than 9 years after approval date and shall be valid for not more than. Dry hydrant means a nonpressurized pipe system that 2011, inclusive, c to require that public hearing be completed 45 days after commencement and to reduce time for action on applications from 65 to 35 days. And shall be mailed not later than seven paper days after the date of the application. Deleting reference to Mosquito Control Division of Department of Public Health. Fails to act on any application within thirtyfive days after the completion of a public hearing or in the absence of a public hearing within sixtyfive days from the date of receipt of the application. Pursuant, local wetlands and watercourses commission 37 CA 348, at such hearing any person or persons may appear and be heard 2011, that has not expired prior to May 9 54, any feasible and prudent alternatives to the proposed activity that would paper cause less.

(b) by deleting provisions re commissioner's authority to periodically inspect wetlands and revise wetland boundary maps.90-98 changed the effective date.A.In granting, denying or limiting any permit, the commissioner or his duly designated hearing officer shall consider the effect of the proposed work with reference to the public health and welfare, marine fisheries, shellfisheries, wildlife, the protection of life and property from flood, hurricane and.