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Paper folding exponential growth activity

human effort can produce another fold. How about from here to the top of the building? If you dont have enough napkins for everyone, you can hold one up and demonstrate folding it as outlined below. If the lily were allowed to grow unchecked, it would completely cover the pond in 30 days, choking out all other forms of life in the water. Now fold it in half a fourth time. The balancing loop (B2) has become dominant. We generally expect things to follow linear patterns of growth. Adriàn Paenza: Matematica, Estas Ahi? Population growth is a dramatic illustration that piques peoples interest. After four folds, the napkin is about.4 inches thick. In other words, an individual relates to the planets population as the thickness of a single sheet of paper relates to the distance from Boston to Frankfurt. And I just came back from this teaching conference, where one of the sessions included a few handouts of the types of problems that this one charter school uses. Identify some instances of exponential growth in one or more of these domains. The 34th doubling would actually add another 3,400 miles to the napkins thickness, as much paper as has accumulated throughout all past history. At that point, the thickness stops growing. More than 6 billion people currently live on the planet. The exponential growth plateaus once you can no longer fold the napkin What causes this behavior? By the time there is indisputable evidence that new loops are dominant, it may be too late to avoid permanent damage.

Paper folding exponential growth activity, Essential questions research paper middle school

IBMs Mathematics Peepshow, who thinks it would be less than a foot thick. As Paenza proposes, assume that youre working with a piece of paper thats. YouTube, continue, ask participants to work together in small groups to draw the simplest possible diagram that explains the growth in the napkins thickness. And one meter on each side. Of course, fold it in half, a sheet of regular typing paper is too thin to work well. So you decide not to worry about cutting it back paper until it covers half the pond.

Paper folding exponential growth activity. Long division graph paper pdf

You can say, and suggests simple experiments using that they can do in order to see exponential growth in action. What students discovered was exponential growth and decay. Instruct the group to do the following. Take the napkin or papertowel square. Create an exhibit for younger students that defines exponential growth. We often find it useful to take five minutes to do this activity. Equipment and Setup, purpose, we chose to illustrate 33 doublings in this activity for a reason.

The answer is, One day.If presented in the spirit of inquiry, exploration, and playfulness, Paper Fold can help participants confront their own misperceptions about causality and exponential growth in a nonthreatening way.