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Eth zurich phd admission requirements

will then need to find a professor willing to accept you as a doctoral candidate. Please note that registrations without an original signature from your supervisor and incomplete dossiers will be rejected. If you have not yet made arrangements with your prospective thesis advisor, we recommend that you read about current research projects on the group website. The eth time span to fulfill imposed conditions is 18 months at the very maximum, possible exam repetitions included. Unlike matriculation, the process of admission takes longer. For that fill in the, application form (PDF, 620 KB) and enclose all the required documents without exception. However, it should be noted that at least one of the people involved in the thesis project (examiner/co-examiner) must be a professor as indicated under Art. In addition, a translation conforming to the specified standards is required for every document not originally written in English, German, French or Italian. The co-examiners should be named, if possible, as soon as the research plan has been worked out.e. They are students and at the same time staff members of ETH Z├╝rich. Your doctoral thesis can be supervised by a professor as indicated under Art. Please note in this context that, where a thesis is supervised by a Privatdozent resp. There are also some formal requirements you need to satisfy. Who can act as co-examiner? To find a supervisor, it is best to go to the website of the department in which you would like to take your doctorate and contact the possible professors directly. Please submit your application as early as possible. A Privatdozentin or an adjunct professor, at least one co-examiner must be a professor as indicated under Art. With the following degrees an admission is not possible: Degrees from universities of applied science.

Eth zurich phd admission requirements

Please be aware that you will do this within a research group under the supervision of a professor who will be your thesis advisor. Procedure, after paper 18 months the conditions mache have not been met 207 KB must be submitted along with your registration for your doctorate. Section on the, privatdozentinnen and adjunct professors working fulltime at ETH Zurich can also act as supervisors. Please read the details in the apos. Please be aware that the Doctoral Administration Office does not help to find supervisors. You should first check whether your qualification can be accepted as equivalent to a Masterapos. The Doctoral Administration Office does not deal with your entry into Switzerland or your employment.

The Bachelor s degree qualifies the holder to enter, without additional requirements, Master s degree programmes at a university within the education system.If it is possible for you to be recommended with no admission requirements, it should take about 2 weeks from submission of a completed registration dossier.The doctorate represents an essential part of the scientific work.

After that first year 00, in principle, you will find a star list of the documents that have to be submitted in the Appendix to the application form. This will be sent to you no more than two weeks after you submit your registration documents. Retired professors must give up the role of supervisor and a new supervisor must be decided upon. SNFsponsored professors working at ETH Zurich 1 November 1st December 15th 2 March 1st March 31st. It should be noted that during the first year after retirement or resignation. Registering as a student has to be done separately with the. If a decision first has to be made about the admission requirements.