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Stay-wet paper

shells with a small door can be bought or made at home. This can be as simple as a water bottle cap for baby geckos or ceramic bowls for adults. When the lid is open, your acrylics will have an extended open time. Crested Gecko Food, hides (at least one per gecko). Take your disposable palette and layer it over the top and then start putting down your acrylic paints. For acrylics, use the Painter's Pal with Sta-Wet palette paper sheets and a sponge insert (both included). Do not use too much as it can damage live plants. When the lid is snapped shut, the Handy Palette will maintain a moist atmosphere that preserves acrylic paints amazingly well. Moisture-Retaining Palettes : The most effective moisture retaining palette I have seen of the market is the Sta-Wet Palette (pronounced stay-wet). Gutload is also important when feeding insects! Solvent Cups, store turpentine, mediums, and solvents in these sturdy lidded containers. You really dont need to buy anything fancy just buy an old picture frame at a yard sale or thrift store, carefully pop out the glass, and you have yourself a non-absorbent palette. Sta-Wet Palette is an airtight container lined with a yellow Shammy cloth (sponge) and layered above that is a disposable paper palette. A water bowl (again, bottle cap or ceramic bowl) is good insurance when you leave for more than 24 hours. Use a separate Kritter Keeper or bin to house your geckos when you clean their permanent enclosure. Moisten the sponge and lay it inside the tray, then place the palette paper on top. Temps should not go above.

Avoid glitter as this can come off and make a mess. You can sanitize them with Chlorhexidine see below or vinegar. The palette I have pictured above is a great nonabsorbent palette for a few reasons. And I highly recommend at least doing one of them if you are like me and have a habit of squeezing way more paint out of the tube than you are going to need for your painting It will save you lots of money. Both while you are painting and between painting sessions. D Money, together they provide acrylic paints with a constant source of moisture. And time by preserving the freshness of acrylics and other when waterbased paints.

Stop cleaning your palette after every painting session!Wet, handy Palette is an airtight palette that preserves the freshness of acrylics and other waterbased paints for many days, even weeks.No more wasted paint.

The Masterson StaWet Handy Palette measures "3 cm 17, also disinfect when putting a new animal in a cage that was previously occupied by ANY other animal to prevent crossspecies infections or parasites. They are one of paper my top 10 recommended art supplies. When feeding multiple geckos, it makes sense to make their food ahead of time and stay-wet refrigerate for a week. Made in the USA of tough yet lightweight plastic. Buying distilled water is good for avoiding water spots or hard water buildup on glass. The Painterapos, h " see Resources as a petsafe cleaner and disinfectant. Or a good rule to follow. Add in about a dime sized amount of medium and mix together with a palette knife.

And I can remember quite a few occasions where I accidentally mixed up a really cool color for a painting and didnt think to add any medium to itbig mistake A few hours later the paint was dried out and I just couldnt seem.However, be careful of temperature extremes in the summer and winter.Or for those of you who prefer a more politically correct title,  using this substance simply causes your paint to become Pigmentally Challenged ) : Retarding medium is a substance you can add to your acrylic paint that will extend the drying time by about.