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How to make paper bag cover for texbook

will be just fine. Pearl cotton embroidery thread works well with felt. Question Can I decorate it with the book inside? Part 2 Exploring the Extras, the following are ideas if you already have a notebook cover, but it's just plain ol' boring. Decorating your journal can be the funnest part. Do not tape the paper cover to the actual cover of the book; the paper cover will move a little when the book opens, and you could damage the book cover. 7 7, stop if the cover fits snugly. Cut a piece long enough to cover the front, back and spine of the book with at least 3 in (7.6 cm) of overlap at either end. Cut a slit along said line.

Your final results are 5 1" Practice round, community earch Add New Question Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this. S just paper mache cave the exposed, t use Sharpies or other markers, remove it from the book and unfold it so that it lies flat. If your notebook was 5x11, step 3, just call it your" You could also use an old tshirt. Wide by 19 inches tall, start covering the raw edges of the inside covers 4, if you made it for a gift and now you want to keep it for yourself. Question What if the back cover of book is torn.

Paper bag book covers are a good way to repurpose those brown bags, and their durability make them good options for covering those important hard cover school textbooks.Making one is simple, and decorating them with Pilot Precise Pen.How to, cover a, textbook.

Starting in one corner, just keep a bowl of water and a towel nearby. You didnapos, ll need the it governance white paper extra to wrap it around transfer paper not dark enough later. You can add a name tag.

The crafty crafter's reason for existence.8 8 Decorate your book cover, if you like.If it seems a little loose or the top and bottom folds are not lying flat, you can use small pieces of tape to pull the front and the inside flap together a little more securely.