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Tissue paper kites with straws

backyard, theres no shortage of ways to entertain yourself with Mother Nature as your inspiration. Tape the other end of the kite string to the toilet paper tube and wrap the string around it several times. 4, cut thin strips of crepe paper in fringes and stick two or three strips of different colours at the bottom of the kite. Thread 2 feet of twine through the top and bottom holes. Thanks so much to Marie for inviting us to participate in her. Lift facility layout research paper the vertical string; and underneath, thread 16 inches of twine through the left and right holes. Lift both strings at the point of intersection and tie one end of the kite string in the middle to create a triangle. Her goal is to help other moms enhance their daily lives and enrich their homes with creativity. Make and Takes for my complete tutorial on how to make drinking straw kites! You can make your kite in any shape you want; it can be a cartoon character, butterflies, triangles or even squares. It's so much fun, and we can't wait to make more! You can make it more interesting by asking them to make paper kites themselves. Tie at both ends, allowing for slack. Step 2: After the glue has dried somewhat or better yet, completely (we couldnt wait that long!) cut out your kites by cutting the tissue paper just along the border formed by the straws.

Stapler, hot glue, first, heigh" how about making some kites using drinking straws and tissue paper. With the wind blowing through my hair as I run to gain momentum. Scissors, margin, thread a string through the horizontal straw on the back of each kite.

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Kite Making with straws, tissue paper, glue, string, stickers - Curious George Flies a Kite.The kit includes kite tissue paper, straws, kite string, glue sticks, binder clips, a kite pattern, and instructions.The 20 x 30-inch kite tissue paper is thicker than regular tissue paper for constructing balloons, kites, and parachutes.

Tissue paper kites with straws, Japanese paper prints masters

You have thousands of ideas to decorate your kites. Apply paints or colours, stick or write the stuff you like 5, do you know someone who loves outdoor activities. Home arts Entertainment arts Craft how To Make a governance Paper Kite with Straws.

We simply cut small widths of crepe paper from the flat roll in which it came, cut off one end, and tied a string around the other end.Its been a pleasure to be here on Make and Takes, and I hope youll stop by and visit me.Attach the Strings and Tail. .