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Ethical dilema paper

the best of her ability without compromising her patient. The Supreme Court has recognized it as a constitutional right. No longer is privacy and confidentiality merely a moral, ethical, professional obligation; it is a legal duty. The patient epson pos printer paper size was planning on not saying anything, so if he tells his wife this action will not be his choice of action but one that the doctor influenced him. Statutes and court decisions proclaim the duty to provide, maintain, and enforce a patient s right to privacy and confidentiality, and also the perils of failing to. Constraint of a person s free choices and actions seriously infringe on another s rights and welfare. Therefore, the doctor could tell her because of the exception since he is putting her at risk of bodily harm, which is contaminating her with the communicable disease, aids. In this case both communicable disease and bodily harm could be reported. Ethical Dilemma Essay, Research Paper, a patient comes into the hospital to see his results from an aids test: his results are positive. His wife and the doctor are friends, they ve been friends throughout school, but later drifted apart. Furthermore, due to the setting and nature of the situation the patient to doctor relationship comes first, the patient is the doctor s client so the doctor should seek his benefits before anyone else. By influencing the patient to tell his wife the doctor is not removing the patient s autonomy, however she is reducing it by convincing the patient to tell his wife. In defense of the patient s rights, the doctor should not mix her personal life with her professional life. According to Jonsen, Siegler and Winslade: A patient s right to privacy and confidentiality has one of the highest priorities in our legal system. Neglecting this duty will have an adverse effect on society. If the doctor were to tell her patient s wife she would completely remove the patient s autonomy since the patient would no longer be able to choose or have any influence on the reaction his wife takes. This could lead to consequences such as divorce, which would change his path of life. She will let him know that she must report this to government health authorities, and other health professional working with him. After weighing the factors the realizes that if she breaks the confidentiality she could be dismissed from her job immediately and be liable for charges laid, and fines upon conviction. In other words, based on the value of autonomy the doctor should respect the patient s preferences. The recognition of patient preferences respects the value of personal autonomy in medical care. Should she tell the wife because he could pass this incurable disease to her?

Who bear the responsibility to protect their patient s change paper size in photoshop confidentiality. A patient comes into the hospital to see his results from an aids test. Informing the wife would not be a sure way to prevent statesman journal paper route spreading the disease because his wife probably already has the disease. The duty of the medical confidentiality is an ancient one. These forces such as compromised competence of the patient.

That they can confide in them in effort to achieve better health together. The doctor s livelihood and professional reputation be at stake. Where a patient threatens to employ bodily harm to another person. There are exceptions to the duty. The physician should take reasonable precautions for protection of the intended victim. Future patients or clients will be less likely to share such sensitive information with their doctors. The patient nervously university confesses to the doctor that he s been cheating on his wife. Confidentiality is a stringent, among these exceptions is to report a communicable disease. The obligation to safeguard the patient s confidences is subject to certain exceptions. Patients in general need to feel they can trust doctors.