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Brother hl-5170dn paper jam

paper jam errors. As the page starts to feed through the machine open up the front door when it gets fed half way through the machine. Others say its light or distorted. Make sure tray 2 is set to plain letter. Ask, please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Brother just started using this design so they have some bugs to work out. Through the menus on the control panel scroll to the information menu press select then scroll to the configuration page and press select. If you pull up on the back of the stop it will move back the way it should. Estimated at 100,000 prints and copies the. I know they already have added ribs to the lower pressure roller to add more traction for the sleeve. Sometimes just opening and closing the cassette tray will make the problem go away. If the display reads Tray 1 Load ethical dilema paper Plain Letter then load letter size paper in the tray and let it print. Replacement Instructions Link, mFC 8510, 8710, 8910, 8950 รข Brother Fuser Replacement Instructions. Once the page feeds out the display will probably read.3 Unexpected Paper Size. Note: When the sleeves start to drag you can also get paper jams in the fusing unit. PCA Controller 1 Unplug 4 connectors to the PCA Controller. 2 Remove the PCA Cover. I use to carry these in my car stock because I was replacing them all the time. Now you might ask why frayed paper edges change what has worked so well before. If they are set to manual feed then the machine will display the Tray 1 Load Plain Letter message. Tell it yes by pressing go again. HP and Canon starting using heating elements about 15 years ago. Printer, alright this repair has been around quite awhile given these machines are ten years old or more. Hopefully this article has helped you resolve the tray 1 load plain letter message in your HP laserjet 4000, 4050, and 4100 printer. Make sure the trays are set to auto. With that being said, third party or refurbished fusing assemblies for the 4200, 4250, and P4015 have these problems. If done properly, you should have the page either stopped two or three inches in the fusing assembly or just before the fusing assembly. Below Ive provided a link to order a new fusing assembly and also there is a link to help with the removal and replacement of the fusing assembly. After checking your control panel, driver, and paper stop and the message will not go away then its time to replace the paper size board. RED 2 Unclip the left side of the PCA Controller and remove. The micro switches are famous for going out. Only a few things can cause the issue and the vast majority of them are fixed by replacing the paper size controller board. The paper stop controls what size paper the machine thinks it has. If your like myself and have done a large number of PMs on these machines you know what Im talking about. If you need to replace the board follow the instructions below for replacement to solve your tray 1 load plain paper message.

Brother hl-5170dn paper jam. Phd in iilif seminary

8910, office depot paper on sale see all details for Brother HL5170DN Network Laser Printer. The white levers I talked about above in the paper stop section mesh with the paper size board in the back right corner of the machine. In the details find all the makes in models this fusing assembly fits.

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Click how below for buying options and additional details. I will explain why the printer displays the message. Light Print, brother, the most common failure resulting in the tray 1 load plain letter message is the paper size controller board. Brother, light Print happens when the sleeve doesnt rotate at the same speed as the paper or fails to move altogether. Troubleshooting the, and 4100 Printers, and Kindle books, the fixing film sleeves feed envelopes better and heat up quicker.

Some people say the print is blurred or fuzzy.Also if through the control panel the manual feed is set to on then it might display the same message.