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Wf-3520 paper jam error

this, but I am unable to find anything. One end goes to the main circuit board and controls a hall effect switch, the other end goes to the middle of the paper feed area and has a thin arm that sticks in between the rollers and it swings when paper is fed past. Then I saw it was also hanging up on the other end between the rollers. Mine had to be adjusted on both tabs and also needed to be adjusted in and up, meaning i had to bend both tabs upward to get the piece that blocks the hall effect switch back into a fully closed position which it did look. It's just that simple. This would not even cost epson anything error to stop the problem, I'm sure they know exactly what's causing it and are happy it has made them millions. The tabs will eventually sag downward and will either bind up the arm so it cannot fully swing closed again or it will move the thin part so it hangs up on the rollers and will not allow the arm to fuller return to the. They have not allowed enough material to hold the paper jam detector in the correct position. Epson xp300 paper jam every time even with no paper. So that needed to be re-centered between the rollers.

The sensor works off of a small black paper or brown piece of plastic that runs across the back of the roller assembly that catches the edge of the paper to get it using started into the carriage area. And all the things I could find. When it swings the hall effect switch is open. I used a very thing flat screwdriver and a magnifying glass with a bright light. Then remove the cover piece by pushing it to the right and. You may need to pry it slightly on the right edge to get it started. If I turn thing 2 all the gears turn freely. I removed 4 screws 1 on the center of the back piece near the bottom. I also took pictures of the area that needs attention. Is there any way to fix this.

I m having paper feed problems.What should I do?

Wf-3520 paper jam error

I would go as far to say that they do this on purpose just to make extra money. The screw will be running horizontally and will have the head facing left. Thing 3 is kind of hard to push down. You will never get any real answers from their tech support and they will make even more from you calling 0, so the cause of the jam is due directly to the tabs that epson has in place to hold that black or brown arm. Whereas I removed the duplex thing and the. They will lie texas a&m phd mathematics to every single person who calls and try to get them to buy another printer and trade theirs.

Twist it upwards while pushing.It's a simple fix and it's due to epson's poor design.So there is a need to examine exactly why the arm is not fully closing.