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Past papers llb part 2

reputation, and partly because I was convinced that it had to offer the most stimulating, intellectual and diverse environment. As a more mature student (then aged 51 I wondered if I would be able to keep to cope with a return to study. Alumni, anne Swetnam (LLB 2018 i joined the part-time LLB course in September 2013. The more I browsed on the Universitys website, the more I fell in love with the University. I made good progress and, in 2001, joined the Criminal Litigation Department as a paralegal. I spent my adult life wanting that piece of paper that stated that demonstrated what I was academically capable of achieving. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the Buckingham course as all student are supplied with comprehensive module materials, which include all the relevant cases and references to further reading, which is also provided. Originally, my aim was to become an accountant. I was looking to fill the gap that was going to be left once my daughter went to university. I wanted to study and, as Id always thought Id do the GDL after my English degree, law was an obvious choice. I have found a huge level of personal satisfaction in achieving a difficult qualification. Read more, marcos Kauffman (LLB 2016 the subject of law, and its impact on societies and businesses, has always fascinated. Read more Suzanne Bullock (LLB 2001) One would not normally associate the time-consuming commitment to academic studies at the end of a working day, assignment deadlines interview and exam pressure with great fun and yet surprisingly that is the way I look back at my part-time. This led me to the further need to understand more of the legal aspects associated with each of these areas. Read more, rita Acquaah (LLB 2010). Read more, nigel Smith (LLB 2013 poms i left school at 15 with a minimum of qualifications.

It was my employer who suggested that I consider the best University of Buckinghams parttime Law degree rhodes as this offered the qualification I wanted with exceptionally high quality teaching. Who had studied at Buckingham, laura Vasiliu LLB 2011 7 years of valuable life experience later. You will find below what some of our recent parttime LLB graduates have to say about their time at Buckingham and how it helped their careers. So even the student on the tightest time schedule will be able to manage the reading commitments.

Part ii past exam papers.Nigel Smith lLB 2013) I cant recommend the part -time, lLB at the University of Buckingham enough.

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But a whole set of tools with which to better myself and improve my career prospects. However, in every job application and subsequent interview I had to explain my reasons for not taking qualifications and explain how. I realised there was a gap 3m paper adhesive in my range of skills. Adam Sargent LLB 2015 i was approaching the end of my schooling years and was at a real crossroads with my future aspirations.

Read more, matt Boddington (LLB 2007).I had studied law at both gcse and A Level and had a desire to further my legal knowledge.Formal education wasnt my thing and it was always expected that I would follow a non-vocational apprenticeship, which I did in mechanical engineering.