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Sample paper of the spanish armada

six languages, including Latin, Greek, French, and Italian. The Spanish made a series of mistakes witch lead to their downfall one of their first mistakes was their choice of commander, the Duke of Medina Sidonia. This defect in Spanish strategy was to prove disastrous (The Encyclopedia Britannica). . Mediterranean and Atlantic fleets had up to 8,000 sailors and around 19,000 soldiers (Colliers Encyclopedia 559). . Spain still was powerful, but now the other countries didnt fear. . The English proved the Spaniards and the whole world wrong by defeating the Armada using smart tactics. . A description of the fleet was later published in Europe with a main goal of spreading fear amongst the enemies of Spain. Essay on Why the Spanish Armada Failed.The Spanish Armada was a fleet of ships made up of 150 ships in total, mainly Spanish, but with some of them from the Naples and it was assembled by Phillip II of Spain. Phillips choice of medina sidonia of leading the invasion is an example of poor planning. Why Did the Spanish Armada Fail or any similar topic specifically for you. King Philip II of Spain wanted to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I of England for both political and religious reasons. The defeat of the Spanish Armada was caused by a series of unexpected events, and led to Spains downfall as a world power, and Englands subsequent rise in power. . They also, sent in fire ships into the Spanish which broke their crescent formation and created panic and confusion. Moreover, the Spanish ships were large and bulky and this made them difficult to maneuver, especially in windy conditions of the English Channel. During the resign of Mary I of England, Sailor Sir Francis Drake enraged King Phillip. Sir Francis Drake sailed in command of a large group of warships to oppose the Armada. On July 29, 1588, after the bad weather had passed, the Armada was spotted off the Sicily Isles near southwestern England (Goldman 1). "Enterprise" to which the king was referring to was nothing less than an invasion of England, aiming to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and finish with the support it provided to the Protestant rebels of Flanders, at war with Spain for some twenty years. As a child, Mary had been brought up in a catholic background in France but returned to Scotland to rule. The English attacked again on August 8 before the Spanish ship could regroup. .

This is because Queen Elizabeth feared any plots against her paper clip from the space book throne. He then established a strong superiority navy under the Spanish Armada to spread Catholicism in England. It marked the turning point between the era of Spanish world domination. When the beacons reached Beachy Head in Sussex. But followed the enemy, why did the, whereas the more experienced English could fire five times more often. The next further along the coast was lit. Luckily for Spanish, the Spanish were not adept at using their canons and were only able to fire once every few minutes. They led a revolt against Spanish occupation under the leadership of William and later on his son Justin of Nassau after his father died. King Philip II of Spain began the assembling and formation on the Spanish Armada.

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The Spanish had built one of the wealthiest and sample paper of the spanish armada most powerful empires on earth. The Duke of Medina Sidonia was. This rendered them vulnerable to attack from the smaller 500 deaths, in 1586, the leader of the armada was chosen because of medina sidonia wealth and religion. And three Spanish ships were sunk while the others were badly battered 65 out of 150 ships in the Armada returned to Lisbon. Not his ability to lead the fleet. Unlike the Spanish, and gained and retained the respect of her subjects and other political figures. Handled sensitive issues like religion with grace and diplomacy. The English ships were all crewed by experienced sailors who knew how to operate the cannons to fire a greater amount of balls and also maneuver the smaller and more modern English ships.

For several days the Spanish fleet sailed while shelling of little consequence succeeded.In July1588 Philip launched his Armada of nearly 150 ships to invade England and restore the Catholic religion.